Am I Eligible?

Am I Eligible For Instant Payday Loan?

There are some people who are not sure about their eligibility to apply for a loan with us. Some circumstances that could be affecting your loan application are:

If you are not a Canadian citizen

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you are not eligible to apply for a loan with us.

You must be under or above 18 years

You must be 18 or above of age to apply for our instant loans. When you are borrowing money with us, you are legally agreeing to pay back your borrow money under the agreement terms.

Not having a source of income

We will not offer our loan services to the people who don't have a source of income. It is very risky for our lenders to get back their lend money from such borrowers.

You don't have a bank account

We are directly credited loan amount into borrower's bank account. Therefore if you don't have a valid bank account of your own, we are unable to offer you our instant loans.

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