By Erik Bagley | August 10, 2020 How to Save Money from Monthly Salary on a Tight Budget?

When there is a tight budget, monthly income is responsible for budgeting to manage everything in smooth, but nothing can be done to stop coming sudden expenses.  Saving is important for the future and income is very much important, even it is the backbone for saving especially; when there is budget has been made according to the income.

Without money, you can’t survive and for survival, you need sources and food and for them, you must have money because you can’t get anything without money on this earth to enjoy yourself. You may not have an income, but you will definitely have desires, you will be hungry once when you will have a bad time. Then you will need money to gratify them.  

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We are here to guide you for saving money with whatever source of income you have with you. So that you can think further to move yourself towards development. There are a few tips given below to consider if you want to save some extra when your budget is getting out of blanket:

See where you are spending in vain

Most of the time after getting income into hands, we forget to use the money for the right purpose after meeting the basic expenses. If you can decide using your income for the valuable returns, that means there is a budget which has become tight.

Because you haven’t followed making plans to stay on your budget for saving some cash for elimination of emergency expenses. You need to stop spending unnecessarily because your saving will perform a duty in your favor.

Don’t use your credit card without making plans

If you use your credit card very often; then you need to be very careful to keep your credit card somewhere safely. It is perfectly fine keeping with you for an emergency, but keeping it with you all the time can be hazardous for saving. If you use it in rare cases, then this will surely help to save extra.

Prepare your own refreshments yourself

Before you make a habit of having refreshments outside, try to prepare it at home then carry it along. Whenever you feel hungry or to have something to eat, have the refreshments you prepared yourself. Avoid such friends who entice you to spend outside over drinking and eating and going for watching movies.

Stop visiting malls frequently

You can be tempted with stuff, you see around. You don’t need to visit malls until you have to do purchasing and seeing selling around can trap you towards shopping if you are seeking entertainment you can have many options for entertaining yourself.

And you have to spend nothing for entertainment. Watching a movie and a fun puzzle can change your visiting habit to malls regularly.

Alter your budget

If you see your home budget replete of expenses where there is need of saving. You can exempt additional expenses without which you can live these are:

  • Taking exercise at home rather than Gym
  • Avoid cable TV
  • Avoid hiring servants

Your credit report is important to be checked

You may or may not know about such benefits that might be surprising if you think a bit deeper for saving. You can buy a car, home or anything at low-interest rates if your credit history is good and well maintained. Your good credit score can save you money while buying huge items.

Don’t buy your baby food from out side

As we all aware of baby’s food, how expensive these are if you buy them from outside, so saving is in your hand as per the income. But you prepare your baby’s food by yourself because you are not aware of the method of preparing the food outside. There are two benefits, your baby will remain healthy, and you can save money as well.


A tight budget means enough expenses in which unnecessary expenses are included, so these expenses are obstacles for saving. It doesn’t have to do with income, but an attempt can be done to think for the saving by cutting off those unnecessary expenses. This is the only option to save with whatever income you have with you.

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